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hey..before you begin,i want to tell you that i have written this fiction from the point of view of its various characters.the name of the character from whose point of view that part of the story is,is mentioned on the top of that particular paragraph...
i hope you will enjoy it.. don't forget to comment..

                              TOKIO HOTEL AND ME
here i was...after much debating with my noisy friends and begging them to leave me i was.. one of the best clubs of newyork...
last week,my boyfriend of 8 months, Greg, and i broke up..or rather,he dumped me for another girl..!  
devastated at first,i decided to just let it go and move on with my life..but that's really not as easy as people say..8 months was a long time.. after i locked myself up in my home for   
a week and broke all connections with the outside world,my friends just couldn't take my miserable state anymore..
So,they forced me to come with them here,in this club,and drain all my sorrows..
i was at the bar,having a few drinks,apparently to forget friends Daphne and Suzanne  were on the dance floor with two guys they met a few minutes ago..

"this club is really very cool",i said to tom who was just about to go on the dance floor.tom, Gustav and i were here to celebrate another successful concert at newyork. George and Gustav were already on the dance floor.
"yes it is..and people come here to dance.i am going on the floor,you better come along",said tom. that said,tom also went off.i was just looking around when i saw a girl on the bar.she was beautiful.i don't know how,but i gradually started moving towards her..i just couldn't resist talking to her..
please comment and give suggestions..
freiheit92ruth Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
oh yes..u r right..m so fault..:(
glad you liked it.:)
TrappedWithinMyMind Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
...hate to be rude in any way but.... you put an E at the end of Georg . . . . good story so far though :p
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July 7, 2012
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